HBDC Study Group: Julia


Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Northwest Building Rm B106




This open study group is designed as the most low-hurdle event.

You can bring your lap top to learn the featured topic with us, or bring own problem sets/materials to work on.  It would be a chance to interact and work together for any topic related to data science with HBDC members .


This week we will focus on Julia, an Ultrafast programming language. 

If you came to the workshop last week, this will be a great chance to deepen your understanding. 

If you didn't, this is a perfect chance for you to learn the basics!


Study materials we are going to use (Kindly provided by Kevin Bonham):

1. Download and install julia.

2. Download and install jupyter.

3. Download demo repository or clone from git repo


Basics 1

Basics 2



Possible projects to work on during the study group:

- Reproduce the performance comparison with other languages (R/Python/Matlab/C) for simple calculation (e.g. for loop / vector calculation)

- Simple plot of Iris data using Julia, and custumize the plot with different colors/annotations

- Basic machine learning using Julia, with Iris data (e.g. SVM / Logistic Regression / Random Forest) 


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